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Our story, our journey, and our philosophy ...

Go Gauge was started, by two close friends, with the mission of helping our police officers. Simply put, we wanted to help save lives. With the recent attacks and cowardly ambushes on our police, and since we both have family and close friends in law enforcement, we wanted to find a way to help them - if they ever found themselves in a bad situation.

We asked ourselves these questions:
  • What is the stress level when your life is threatened?
  • Can even the most trained officer use an advantage in a gun fight?
  • What if you have debris or blood in your eyes?
  • What if you have tunnel vision?
  • What if you are disoriented?
  • What if there is not enough light to see?
  • Can we overcome these circumstance?
  • What advantage can we give them?

We wanted to be with them, in person. We wanted to be able to cover their backs. We wanted to be a second set of eyes they may not have available to them. But it is physically impossible for us to be with every police officer. So what else can we do? After over a year of testing and designing different ideas, making prototypes, more testing, more tweaking, more prototypes, and countless hours of debate, we decided to focus on the concept of lighting the follower in their shotgun. Much to our surprise, this had never been attempted.

As we see it, this will serve important 3 functions:

  1. Primary: The light directs their focus to the area of immediate importance
  2. Secondary: The light serves as an empty mag tube indicator
  3. Secondary: The light can be used as an empty chamber indicator as well
Over a year later and after investing tens-of-thousands of dollars, we are very pleased to offer our flagship product, the Go Gauge Light Shotgun Follower. This patent pending design will give them the edge they need in a high stress situation, low light environment, or in adverse conditions. We want them to come home to their families every night and this simple, but potentially life saving device, might be the only thing they need to help them accomplish that goal.

After testing and showing our invention to many law enforcement officers, they pointed out the fact that, not only will this device be a huge benefit to police departments, it will also help ordinary, everyday citizens just as much.

If you are home at night, when most break-ins occur, the Go Gauge Light might be the edge you need to effectively reload your shotgun and successfully defend your life and the lives of your family. This lighted follower is especially helpful if you have a spouse or someone else in your family who may not be as familiar with reloading or handling a shotgun.

Really, anyone who owns a shotgun can benefit from this device. Not only is our
shotgun follower the highest quality you can buy (made in the USA of  DuPont™ Delrin®, and chemical resistant, and super slick) it is also illuminated to draw your focus for the reload and it provides quick identification of an empty magazine tube and chamber. So whether you are a police office, a mom, a dad, in the military, a firearms instructor, a home owner, or any other 'good guy', the Go Gauge Light can benefit you. With that being said, our lighted follower is meant to aid the user but it is not a replacement for proper and on-going training. We believe in personal responsibility and you should continually train and keep yourself as ready as possible.

At Go Gauge LLC we are strong supporters of your 2nd Amendment Rights. We are also strong supporters of our police and military. We believe these courageous people are the backbone of our society and without them, we could not enjoy the lives we have today.
Go Gauge Tactical Wholeheartedly Supports All of The Brave Men And Women Who Support Our Way of Life.

For every 100 followers sold, we will donate 5 followers to police departments around the USA. We have also started a program that allows you to become a vital part of our journey. We have a donate button below which you can use to purchase a Go Gauge lighted follower that will be donated to a police officer on your behalf. This allows you to be a part of our mission and help save a life!

*On checkout, please add a note in the Order Comments box for us to not ship the follower to you but instead donate it. We will personally give your follower to a police officer along with any other notes or messages you choose to add. We thank you and the officers thank you too!

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Go Gauge Tactical Supports Those Who Support Us.