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Go Gauge Light (12 gauge)

Go Gauge Tactical present the Go Gauge Light shotgun follower

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12 gauge model
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Go Gauge is 100% committed to the protection and preservation of our 2nd Amendment rights. These rights are inherent and should not be infringed upon by an over-reaching government. Until further notice 50% of our profit will be donated to the VCDL (Virginia Citizens Defense League) and similar organizations to help our home state of Virginia fight against tyranny.

Huge Price Reduction
$15.99 for the LED Follower
$9.99 for the Advanced Follower (non-LED)
*While supplies last, not valid with other promotional offers

What Is The Go Gauge Light?

The Go Gauge Light is an Advanced Follower. It is a revolutionary and patent pending shotgun follower designed to give you the edge, during a reload - when it really matters!
  • Adverse conditions
  • High stress situations
  • Low-light / no-light environments
Who Can Benefit From The Go Gauge Light?
  • Law Enforcement / Military
  • Homeowners / Civilians / Self Defense
  • 3 Gun / Competition Shooters
  • Hunters / Recreational Shooter
  • Basically Anyone Who Owns A Shotgun
What Does It Do?
  • Draws Your Focus To Critical Reload Area
  • Speeds Reloads / Reduces User Error
  • Provides Visual Indicator For Empty Mag Tube
  • Provides Light For Checking Chamber
Tell Me A Little More ...
This is a reload aid. We feel that defensive firearms should be loaded and ready but in the event you need to reload, the Go Gauge Light can give you the advantage. Any adverse or high stress situation can impede your ability to reload effectively. The Go Gauge Light helps to reduce or eliminate these outside factors. What if you are disoriented? What if your vision is impaired due debris or blood in your eyes? What if you are nervous or scared? What if it is dark? What if you are not familiar with reloading? What if you need to reload faster with more accuracy?

Putting It Into Perspective...
As one police officer explained it to us, as he was testing the Go Gauge Light... "Even the most experienced airplane pilot would prefer to have a lit runway when landing a plane full of passengers. The Go Gauge Light is the operator's runway for reloading the shotgun. This thing can save lives!"

So Is This Follower Any Better?
Our advanced follower is of the highest quality, made in the USA of DuPont Delrin®. This is an ultra slick, self lubricating material, that is resistant to impact, chemicals, and heat. We believe that we have designed the absolute best follower available, period. Even without the Smart LED module, our follower is simply the best that you can buy.

The purpose-built Smart LED module only lights when the shotgun is fired. It is only visible to the operator, not the bad guy. Its primary purpose is to draw your focus to the critical reload area. It also serves as a visual indicator that the mag tube and/or chamber are empty.

What About A Warranty?
The expected life of the LED module is approx 100,000+ activations (depending on conditions and use). But don't worry, if your light stops functioning, for any reason, within the first 2 years, simply return it and we will replace it at no charge!! This is our iron-clad warranty and it is the best in the industry. No hassle replacement, that is our promise to you!

Will It Fit My Shotgun?
Current model is designed to fit these 12 gauge shotguns:
  • Mossberg 500 Series
  • Mossberg 590 Series
  • Mossberg 590A1 Series
  • Mossberg 835 Series
  • Mossberg 930 Series
  • Remington 870 Series
  • Remington 1100 Series
  • Remington 1187 Series
  • Maverick 88 Series
  • Kel-Tec KSG
  • Benelli M1 Super Combat 90
Do I Have To Modify My Shotgun?
No, absolutely not. You simply replace your existing follower with your new Go Gauge Light Follower. Installation is easy and typically requires less than 2 minutes. No modification!

Finally, Who Are You And Why Should I Give You My Hard-Earned Money?
We are glad you asked. Please visit our About Us page where you can read all about our story and get an idea of who we are and what we stand for.

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    • Ultra High Quality Follower
    • Made in USA from DuPont Delrin®
    • Super Slick and Self Lubricating
    • Impact, Heat, and Chemical Resistant
    • No modification to your shotgun
    • Installs easily in less than 2 mins
    • Smart LED only activates when last round leaves mag tube or gun is fired